On the High Whey of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass is a weight training supplement to assist the body builder who needs muscle gain and is finding it difficult to do without making major dietary changes just to provide the calories needed to maintain intense bodybuilding routines. Any serious bodybuilder is already eating, or should be eating, a well-rounded, nutrient-rich diet of the basic food groups necessary to sustain and maintain good body health. But often, that diet is just not calorically rich in sufficient protein to gain muscle mass; the goal of weight training.

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Why use Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass over other protein options?

Rather than making fundamental changes to a regular, healthy diet, like making a meal of several steaks, eggs and blocks of cheese, which has questionable side effects with that kind of protein-rich diet, Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass is the answer for maintaining the healthy, regular diet as is, and supplementing it with the whey protein in Serious Mass.

Whey protein is a by-product derived from making cheese from cow's milk and is the mostly liquid residual once the milk coagulates into the cheese. It contains a mix of globular proteins providing amino acids essential in building muscle tissue. It is then dried and pulverized into powder form and, in the case of Serious Mass, is combined with other essential ingredients aiding bodybuilding and muscle development.

What are some of the concerns associated with Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass?

While some may be concerned with milk product issues related to lactose intolerance or other allergic responses, and whey protein does contribute some issues with milk allergens, the primary source of lactose tolerance issues are derived from caseins. These are not part of Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass.

Since the amino acids contained in whey protein are the root of building muscle tissue, and with the other ingredients that pack caloric increase, hence, "Serious Mass," the product is the perfect solution for increasing caloric intake with massive doses of protein-rich powder to bulk-up without the necessity of adding regular dietary bulk which is both hard on digestion and the pocketbook.

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Why is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass a better option than more steaks and eggs?

It is cheaper than bulking with more steaks, eggs and cheese. An analysis of the cost of Serious Mass whey protein powder, using the 12 pound container at roughly $40, it contains 16 servings of over 1,200 calories each, about 20,000 calories per container. That calculates at $2 per 1,000 calories; a little less than one serving. An 8 ounce steak is about $5 and contains roughly 400 calories, about $2.50 per 1,000 calories.

It is easier to digest than steak, one of the most difficult of foods causing the greatest stress to the digestive system. It is not a good idea to replace steak with Serious Mass, but neither is it a good idea to eat more steaks instead of supplementing with Serious Mass.

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With concerns of possible salmonella by consuming raw eggs, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass carries no risk of that nature. Eggs are fine in a good diet, but they ought to be cooked.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is MUCH easier to prepare than several steaks. The powder (in four flavors: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and banana) blends easily with water, fruit juices or milk. A blender is recommended to achieve the best blending and it makes a terrific shake or smoothie when blended with additional fruit of your choosing. Also, nuts, cinnamon, yogurt and cottage cheese are great additives and will increase the bulk-up factor as well, with added dietary benefit for good measure.

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How does Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass benefit muscle gain?

With the protein-rich content of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, combined with an otherwise healthy diet of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat, the body is provided with a super-dose of useful protein, the essential ingredient of building muscle tissue while providing the necessary caloric intake to support the added intensity of weight training that a normal healthy diet is not able to sustain. Therefore, the body is getting everything it needs to stay healthy plus the added benefit of the additional building blocks necessary to increase muscle mass without causing digestive issues and added fat.

Protein is often difficult to add in bulk and not add fat if left to traditional dietary bulking. While a protein increase is necessary for muscle gain, the added fat increase will add the wrong ingredients for gain in mass.

A body intent on gaining muscle mass should maintain a variety of good foods in a healthy diet that will provide the nutrients necessary for all body functions. On top of that, building muscle mass requires added calories that may not make for an optimum body condition merely by adding more traditional protein in the diet using the same protein-origin foods now eaten. Get on the high whey of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass to add the caloric intake necessary and provide the added protein needed for building muscle mass.